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Ceramic end effector(ceramic finger, ceramic robot arm)

Main product

Ceramic end effector(ceramic finger, ceramic robot arm)

The ceramic end effector with High functional, high temperature durability, high wear resistance is used for a long time in a high temperature environment without causing damage, and the wear of the material to be moved is also reduced to a minimum, effectively controlling the diffusion of impure substances to the moved body, and the surface can also be processed according to customer requirements with special dimensions and high functional characteristics.

Ceramic end effector for chip disk drive of semiconductor equipment, precision ceramic parts have good structural strength, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, good precision, good parallelism, dense and uniform organization, high strength. It has been used by semiconductor production factory for many years. Fountyl has a group of excellent engineers with unique and excellent skills in ceramic alien processing projects. alien processing technology is our company's strength.


    Wear resistance: Ceramic end effector have excellent wear resistance and can maintain a stable surface state for a long time.

    Corrosion resistance: Ceramic end effector can work in corrosive media and maintain stable performance.

    High temperature resistance: The ceramic end effector can work in a high temperature environment and is not easy to deform or melt, ensuring the stability of the process.

    High precision: The ceramic end effector has excellent dimensional stability and precision, enabling high precision operation.

    Lightweight: Compared to metal arms, ceramic end effector usually have a lower weight, reducing the load on the mechanical device.

    Generally speaking, ceramic end effector play an important role in modern industry, and their excellent performance ensures the efficient and stable operation of automated processes.


    Provide various precision ceramic products according to customer needs, including ceramic end effector for wafer handling in semiconductor industry, manufacturing machine accessories, pallets....etc. Components for large-scale manufacturing equipment in the field of liquid crystal and solar energy; In the field of electronic components, frames, shed panels, burning fixtures, substrates...etc, the material can choose alumina ceramic or silicon carbide.

    The ceramic end-effector/handling arm is installed on a wafer handling robot or "end-effector" and is used to transport the silicon wafers into or out of a tape or process room.

    The benefits of using ceramics are reduced deflection due to high bending strength, resistance to high temperatures, and elimination of metal contamination and particles.

    Precision ceramic trays are widely used to fix wafers and to handle small diameter wafers on 8-inch and 12-inch machines. The material of ceramic tray is mainly alumina99.6%, silicon carbide, and can also be designed according to customer needs and the use of environment to develop various products and materials.

    Product Application

    Semiconductor manufacturing: Ceramic end effector play an important role in the semiconductor manufacturing process and are often used to handle high-value materials such as silicon wafers to ensure the accuracy and stability of the process.

    Machining industry: In processes requiring high precision machining, ceramic end effector can be used as tools to ensure product accuracy and surface quality.

    Medical devices: Ceramic end effector are widely used in surgical robots and other medical devices, and their high accuracy and biocompatibility make them an ideal choice.

    Chemical industry: Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, ceramic end effector are also widely used in the chemical industry, especially in the environment with corrosive media.