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Wafer pin chuck used for semiconductor exposure device and wafer inspection device

Ceramic Pin Chuck

Wafer pin chuck used for semiconductor exposure device and wafer inspection device

Wafer pin chuck (also call convex chuck), is industrial chuck commonly used in the semiconductor industry , with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. It is usually made of silicon carbide or alumina ceramic material with a raised point-like structure on the surface to provide better adsorption and stability.

Convex chuck are widely used in semiconductor production equipment to absorb, fix, transfer and handle silicon wafers, wafers and various workpieces and materials.


    High temperature resistance: Silicon carbide and alumina ceramic materials have excellent high temperature performance, can be used in high temperature environment for a long time, not easy to deformation or fracture.

    Corrosion resistance: can withstand a variety of chemical corrosion, suitable for handling corrosive liquids or gases in the working environment.

    Wear resistance: high hardness, with good wear resistance, can be used for a long time without failure.

    Strong adsorption: the convex point structure reduces the contact area of the suction cup, thereby increasing the adsorption force per unit area, and can more firmly adsorb the workpiece.

    High stability: Due to the characteristics of the material, the wafer pin chuck has high stability and can work stably for a long time.

    Reduce pollution: Ceramic wafer chucks are evolving from grooves to pins to reduce contact area, reduce some pollution and improve warping correction.

    Process Control

    High precision: 12 inches diameter, flatness is controlled within 5 μm; If you need more precision, please email us.

    Shape control: Adjust the chuck shape according to the wafer shape (non-uniformity control).

    Absorptive responsiveness: Customized design according to specifications.

    Our Services

    The selection of wafer pin chuck should be considered according to multiple factors such as the required diameter of the suction cups, the number of convex points, and the shape of the chuck, and make a suitable choice according to the size, weight of the adsorption object and the requirements of the working environment.

    We adopted precision flat machining technology, implement creative design for custom, and provide the best wafer pin chuck to meet the strict requirements of customers.

    The flat shape of the pin chuck can be freely adjusted according to the shape of the wafer, and the adsorption area or pin pattern can be customized to improve the adsorption responsiveness.

    Material: Aluminum oxide ceramic or silicon carbide can be selected, and DLC and Teflon can be plated on the surface.
    High-precision SiC/SSiC wafer pin chucks are being developed for wafer exposure, inspection, transportation processes that are highly flexible, very flat, and extremely resistant to harsh working environments.

    Precision Test Data

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    Wafer fixation of semiconductor exposure device; Wafer fixation of wafer inspection device.